My Top 4 Bodyweight Exercises

My Top 4 Bodyweight Exercises

If 2020 has taught all of us anything, it’s that bodyweight exercises are invaluable when gyms are closed and we’re forced to work out at home. They’re also really time-efficient exercises for those who have busy schedules and need to pack in an effective workout in a short amount of time.

Out of all of the bodyweight exercises, these are the 4 that I always do: burpees, push-ups, and jump squats, and v-ups. I think if you only had a few to choose from for the rest of your life, these 4 alone could keep you in pretty good shape.

The main reason that I like them: explosiveness.

The bodyweight exercises that I do the most are the ones that require as much explosive movement as possible. Explosive movements build and use fast-twitch muscle fibers, which is important in boxing. I’ll explain.

This is a staple and I do them no matter what. I like to do variations of burpees to make them more challenging. I often do a burpee into knee tuck (also known as double knee tuck or a tuck jump) instead of a normal jump in this variation. How it works is after you come up from the pushup and bring your feet back under your hips, explosively jump as high as you can while bringing your knees up as high as you can. The key is to be explosive but also to land lightly on the balls of your feet.

Push-ups, specifically clap push-ups
I’ve found that explosive pushups in which you explode up off of the floor are very effective for me. For example, clapping push-ups/dynamic push-ups. Anything that requires more explosive movement off the ground. Clap push ups have made a difference in helping me punch harder and faster. Makes sense, since it’s the same rage of movement as a punch.
Jump squats

Jump squats are basically squats but better, and once again require explosive movement from your lower body. If you want to get the most out of your jump squats, really explode with the jump and focus on being fluid, balanced, and landing light on your feet.

V-ups (also known as jackknife, pike crunch, etc.)
I had to throw in a core exercise because core strength is so important for everything I do . . . and fitness in general. V-ups can light your abs on fire. They’re one of the more challenging ab workouts that use your upper and lower abs and strengthen your back muscles while using your entire core.

Bodyweight exercises are some of the best conditioning you’ll ever need, especially if it’s alongside a sport like boxing. I feel like they’re often overlooked in favor of lifting weights, but as you can see, pretty basic bodyweight exercises like burpees, push-ups, and jump squats can be tailored to your specific needs.


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