Compassion Tenacity Consistency

In my experience, the three most important things that I learned on my fitness journey are Compassion, Tenacity, and Consistency.


I don’t think Compassion would jump to most peoples’ minds when they’re asked about what’s most important when it comes to fitness. Maybe it’s because I’m an athlete and a trainer that I find it very relevant to the work-out process. When you’re working out with other people (like taking a class or sparring with an opponent), there’s a collective sense of suffering that you experience. Compassion also helps to motivate people and push them through the tough workouts. On another level, having compassion for yourself is important for overall happiness. I’ve seen people be so hard on themselves when they don’t need to be, but I’ve also seen people make excuses for themselves when they shouldn’t. You need a happy median to make it work. It’s all about balance. Working out shouldn’t be a miserable process; not if your ultimate goal is to be healthier (and thus happier).


Tenacity is a great word. It’s synonymous with persistent, persevering, dogged, insistent, and patient, along with many others. To be tenacious is to be strong-willed, not easily taken down, committed, dedicated, determined, resolute, stubborn, unwavering, etc. If I could embody one word, I’d want it to be tenacious. In 2016 I was hit by a car a few days before having my Golden Gloves fight and was still determined to see it through. I lost to split decision, but fought ‘til the final bell. Without tenacity, I would have given up when things got tough. Without tenacity, I would have never gotten to where I am today. You know: bite off more than you can chew, then keeping chewing anyways. IF YOU WANT SOMETHING, OWN IT.


If you’ve been reading my blogs, you won’t be surprised to find consistency on the list. If you want results that last, learn how to be consistent. There’s no talent to working out. It’s about obsession and working at it every single day. Especially when you feel like shit, don’t want to, or have a good excuse to avoid it. Those are the days you must push. Be consistent with diet, exercise, and goals. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again! (I gotta be consistent!)

Talking about these three things has made me realize something: it all comes down to Sport, Body, and Mind. Have the right mentality, be consistent, and push yourself. I’ve learned all of this either the hard way or the easy way. More often than not it was the hard way. I wasn’t always consistent, it took practice and lots of self-discipline. Hopefully, you’ll be able to learn a little something from my experiences, too.

Compassion, Tenacity, Consistency

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