What’s cool about New York City is that you can find a class for almost everything if you look around. Every type of sport or activity has something different to offer, and boxing isn’t an exception. Beyond just getting your heart rate up and learning how to punch something, you can learn a lot more by taking a boxing class—at least, a Trifecta boxing class! Regardless of what fitness level you’re at and regardless of whether or not you’ve ever done another martial art, don’t be intimidated by the idea of it! Really, we like to have fun while giving everyone a great workout.

To start, most classes include conditioning, usually done at the first half of the class to get you warmed up. Compound and high intensity exercises are the bulk of the conditioning, because it utilizes a lot of the muscles that you’ll be using when boxing during the class. Once you start boxing, you’ll quickly learn that balance and coordination is a large part of it (especially if it’s your first time). Fortunately, it’s something that people can develop with plenty of practice and good instruction, so if you don’t get it right away, don’t sweat it.

Drills are great for getting a basic idea of form and technique—what the punches are, how you to throw a proper punch, how to pivot with that punch, etc. Many times they’re done while facing a mirror so that you can see what you’re doing. In some ways, it’s almost like dancing because coordination is so important here. This is also a good time for the instructor to walk around the room and get an idea for what level each person is at and what you should work on or fix while you’re practicing on your own. You should also be ready to work with other people in the class, because it gives you an idea for how drills actually work when facing an “opponent.”

Often, people get frustrated or discouraged because it feels like a lot to learn at a time. But everyone has to start somewhere and instructors have seen people from all levels. Whether you just want to try out boxing because it seems fun or if you think you might want get more serious and fight one day, boxing classes are a good introduction into the sport. And honestly, it’ll make you more confident in knowing how to use your body!


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