Why Boxing is Good for Kids

Boxing for Kids

We often get asked by parents if we think it’s a good idea for their kids to learn boxing. And the answer is 100% YES. I honestly think every kid would benefit from boxing for many reasons, especially as someone who has trained kids and seen the results firsthand. People are often pleasantly surprised at how boxing can help their kids in unexpected ways.

A lot of parents have doubts about having their kids learn boxing; boxing is, after all, a combat sport. But learning how to box doesn’t mean that your kid has to compete or even spar. Everyone comes from a different background and context, but learning boxing is something that any kid will benefit a lot from and it can be done very safely.

The most obvious reason to box is that it’s great exercise. Childhood obesity is definitely a worry for some kids/parents, so why not combat that and do something fun at the same time? On top of the health benefits, boxing is effective in improving coordination and balance. If you consider yourself naturally clumsy, for example, boxing can help you improve that. Coordination and balance are more important than most people realize, and that’s especially true for growing kids. On top of that, self defense is always a good thing to know.

I would argue that the biggest benefits to be gained from boxing are actually all psychological. Sports in general test peoples’ mental strength and temperament, even adults. Some people are impatient and quick to lose their tempers when things don’t go their way and once that happens, everything else often goes downhill. Sports can be pretty telling in that way. Discipline has a lot to do with that, as well as simply having to learn how to perform and stay in control, especially when the pressure is on.

Not only will kids develop these things when learning how to box, they also gain confidence and that’s especially important for anyone, regardless of age (but the earlier, the better, right?). Becoming confident because you know you are capable at something is invaluable and that confidence usually spreads to other areas of life. It gives kids the courage and empowerment to tackle life’s challenges. Having confidence is definitely a game-changer, but gaining confidence is easier said than done. Confidence gained from boxing, for example, is a result of hard work and discipline.

Kids can learn a lot of things if given the opportunity. I think it’s important to experience and work for something yourself when you’re growing up. As cliche as it is, I believe that boxing does build character. If you’ve been thinking about signing your kid(s) up for one of our boxing classes, I strongly recommend it!

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