Jumpstart Your January: The TRIFECTA Difference Participants

Rules for JumpStart Your January: The TRIFECTA Difference

In December we introduced the 25 Days of TRIFECTA FITMAS challenge.

In 2020 we bring to you our 3 month program Jumpstart Your January: The TRIFECTA Difference. 3 workout days a week with a focus on either sport, body or mind.

Here at Trifecta we want to help you in being accountable and staying interactive for the duration of the challenge. By posting a minimum of 3 times a week you can win your entry fee of $30 back!


  • Sign up online and submit your $30 payment at www.trifectastrong.com/jumpstart by 11:59pm on December 31, 2019
  • Follow @trifectastrong and @bambajuice
  • 3 days a week TRIFECTA will post a “Workout of the Day” starting on January 1, 2020
  • Complete each workout by yourself or with a friend and record your reps & time
  • The only equipment you need for the challenge is jump rope, resistance band, and a chair.
  • Workouts can be done anywhere and anytime (at home, in a gym, outdoors, in an office).
  • Post every workout or workout results on your Instagram story or page and tag @trifectastrong and @bambajuice
  • At the end of Jumpstart Your January: The TRIFECTA Difference, the winners will be selected based on completion, performance results, improvement and social engagement (Get your friends and family to join in, like your posts, follow TRIFECTA etc.)



  • You get access to all TRIFECTA classes for free*
  • You will be able to connect with a TRIFECTA trainer to ensure accountability
  • Your team trainer will be checking on your progress once a week
  • You can email TRIFECTA any questions you may have



  • Everyone: complete each workout and post your workout and results
  • Grand Prize: best results & most social engagement
  • 1st Prize: best results (everyday completed/fastest time/most repetitions)
  • 2nd Prize: biggest improvement (largest time decrease/highest repetition increase)
  • 3rd Prize: most engaged (comments/likes/repost)


We will notify the winners via email, phone or social media. We will announce the winners via social media on April 1, 2020.

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