Stronger Together

Stronger Together

Now that this month of Mental Health Awareness is coming to an end, I hope that you guys continue to take care of your mental health proactively. Maybe you’ve made some discoveries about yourselves, learned something that you can take away with you, or found some comfort in reading these last few blogs. I hope that’s the case, anyway. It’ll always be something that’s important to us, especially as the future remains unknown and unpredictable. 

I wasn’t sure what to write for this week’s blog, to be honest. A lot is happening in the world and some of it feels too close to home or too serious to write about but also too serious to ignore. Earlier this week, we posted an “I’m with Trifecta” video, which reflects the strength that our fitness community can bring to us and those around us. 

With COVID and having to adjust our lives to this new normal, knowing that we are “in this together” has been a great comfort to many people. Especially when our lives became mostly limited to virtual contact instead of physical. 

At Trifecta, we did what we could to help others and we use what we have to continue providing (more) classes, to engage with people online, to make sure that everyone can make the most of their situations, and let y’all know that there’s a sort of community here that’s got your back. We’ve got you, and you’ve got us. 

And while we’re on the topic of communities…they have the ability to make an impact as well as be impacted. If there’s one thing that I urge people to do now, it’s to become involved in their communities (in safe ways). Because we need it now more than ever. I’ve always been pretty active and eager to help raise money and awareness to causes that I believe in. You should, too. Be aware of the people who need help the most and find out how you can help them. 

Trifecta is essentially a fitness group, but our approach and mentality around health and fitness has always been holistic. As a result, it’s impossible to avoid acknowledging that certain events, whether they are political, social, whatever, will inevitably influence us. 

Remember: Take care of yourself, first and foremost. If that means disconnecting from the news, having a good cry, punching a heavy bag, do it. You’re not alone. Reach out to others, speak out for others, do something to help. What we can do is find strength in numbers. We are, as people, stronger together. 


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