Giving Back

This week, we gave over 500 turkeys to families for Thanksgiving. The idea was to give back to the community where it all started for me. My first boxing gym was Morris Park Boxing Club in the Bronx and I’ll always be grateful to them. This gym and community has done so much for me in the past. So to express that gratitude, we got a truck full of turkeys and our Trifecta team to help hand out turkeys or help behind the scenes. 

Knowing that we were able to give a little something to 500 families for Thanksgiving was nice. A lot of people weren’t going to be able to do a Thanksgiving dinner this year, so I’m glad that we were able to put some smiles on peoples’ faces. I will never forget my times of hardship and being homeless, and that’s exactly what motivates me to give back to others who are in need. It’s been a humbling experience and one that I am proud to have done. It’s always been one of my dreams to get to a point in my life in which I can give back to those who need it. 

The Big Thanksgiving Give Back was also a fun giveaway that we did this year. It was an opportunity to offer some prizes to a lucky winner and hopefully make someone very happy. In general, contributing to and helping others is something that I will always be doing, whether it’s the holidays or just another regular day. All of us at Trifecta know what it’s like to be given a helping hand and what a difference that can make. 

Obviously, this year especially has hit people hard, so in an effort to make a difference, we’ve also gone hard. We have organized challenges and held fundraising classes with local communities, done an almost impossible 72-mile marathon, offered free online classes, etc. As much as this year has been about staying at home and social distancing, it’s also been a very eventful year so far. 

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for what we have. Truth is, these days I’m pretty busy, so it’s nice to have a holiday that reminds us to stop and give thanks for the people we care about and what we have. I am certainly grateful to be able to give back to others, and I am grateful for those who help me accomplish that. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! 

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