The 5 Boroughs Challenge

The 5 Boroughs Challenge

This Saturday, October, 24 2020, we are inviting you all to participate in our 5 Borough Challenge. 

So why the 5 Borough challenge? October 24th is National Make a Difference Day. Although we set out to try to make a difference (big or small) every day, we thought that we could try to make a difference for 5 charity organizations this Saturday . . . and maybe help some of you guys along the way. And in true Trifecta tradition, we made this into a challenge! 

When most people think of “NYC,” they tend to forget that NYC isn’t just Manhattan. Bringing this challenge to the 5 boroughs—Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island—is our idea of getting as many people throughout NYC involved in making a difference. No excuses allowed. We are giving everyone the opportunity to be involved and to participate in a socially-distanced workout. 

At this point, we are about 6 months into lockdown and many people have either stopped working out, or struggle to maintain some consistency in their exercise. We’ve been encouraging people to work out at home with our virtual classes, but I understand that it can be hard to stick with it, which is why I’m mixing things up and teaching classes in-person this Saturday. I am hoping to get people motivated to work out again or to refresh the drive to push yourselves and each other, and have fun. 

I’ve made sure to partner with a different charity organization for each borough in hopes of bringing a difference locally. You can find information on the charities on our Challenges page. It will be good to connect people to their communities and also bring some people to the parks in these boroughs. 

To get involved and help your borough have the biggest turnout, please RSVP at Please come with a mask and be ready to work. See you there! 


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