Why You Need a Good Pair of Running Shoes

Why You Need a Good Pair of Running Shoes

You can technically run in any pair of sneakers whether they’re old or new, cheap or expensive, have proper support or none at all, but that doesn’t mean you should. Are getting shoes specifically for running necessary? No…but safety and health are extremely important, so if you run often, then yes, they are absolutely necessary.

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise and a great way to be healthy. But it can also cause injuries. When you’re running, your feet repeatedly impact the ground with force that affects your joints, ligaments, and muscles. The only thing that stands between your body and the ground are your shoes. A good pair of running shoes will help lessen the strain, protect you, and help your performance.

Many people aren’t sure whether running shoes even make a difference, which is a legitimate question. If you’re going to spend a decent amount of money on gear, you’ll want to know that it actually helps.

So what do running shoes do for you that other sneakers can’t? Running shoes are designed to provide proper support to ease the shock of every step on your body. Not having proper support usually ends in injury, whether it’s your foot, achilles, a knee issue, or a hip issue. Regular sneakers aren’t designed to absorb the type of impact that running requires, especially over time.

Running shoes can help provide stability or fix your gait if needed. Most people run with neutral support, but some shoes are designed specifically for those who have flexible arches and tend to overpronate or supinate when they run. Stability running shoes will have a firmer cushion and can correct your pronation.

Running shoes are also designed to change things such as the way your heel strikes the ground, the length of your stride, and your overall performance as you run. There’s a different type of shoe for everything, from trail running to racing, cross-training to sprinting, running in the winter vs. warmer weather, etc.

Choosing the right running shoes for you really depends on your needs and what type of runner you are. Having someone analyze your gait is extremely helpful in finding out what your needs are. If you’re still running in your regular gym sneakers, stop doing that! It’s time to invest in your health and get a solid pair of running shoes.


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