Training Your Mind

For the most part, I consider myself very knowledgeable about fitness and diet stuff. When it comes to mental health though, I wouldn’t consider myself a pro in any way. But I am aware of the benefits of mindfulness practices and I do see how one’s mental game can affect their performance, whether it’s in the gym or out. When I prepare fighters for their fights, for example, I always consider their mental strength because that’s about 80% of the fight. Mental fortitude isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. Fortunately, just like your muscles, you can work on it and strengthen it.

The first and most obvious thing that you can do is meditate. Everyone encourages meditation but it’s not easy for all to do. I find it challenging to sit for more than 5 minutes in silence most times. They say it’s good for lowering stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, etc. I do find that it’s calming for me, considering I usually feel like I have a hundred things going on in my mind at any given moment in the day. It basically forces me to try and block those things out for a bit, and by doing that, I’m able to refocus my mind. If you’ve never done meditation, I’d recommend checking out meditation apps. You can do guided meditations or non-guided that can guide you through the process.

Aside from meditation, there are mindfulness practices that everyone can do—small stuff that requires very little time—that can create lasting benefits. For some people, that might be writing in a journal at the beginning or end of the day. Whether it’s goals that they have for the day (or the next), things that they’re grateful and appreciative for, or just positive reinforcement, these types of simple practices can refocus and clear your mind. Being bored is also beneficial for creativity and productivity, so if you ever find yourself bored out of your mind, embrace it!

You’d be surprised how easy it is to skip taking care of your mind. Everyone gets caught up in their busy lives and routines and we all forget to stop and live in the moment. It’s good to push yourself but always remember to take care of your mental well-being as well as your body. It also helps you to appreciate the things that you’ve worked hard for!  That’s why it’s always been a part of the Trifecta motto: sport, body, mind. So set a reminder for yourself to do some mindfulness practices this week. Or get started now!

Training Your Mind

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